Stamford Hospital District. 1303 Mabee Street Stamford, TX 79553
Stamford Hospital District. 1303 Mabee Street Stamford, TX 79553

Our History

Stamford Hospital District was established in 1910 as Stamford Sanitarium, by local doctors tending to folks from the growing railroad industry. Stamford was a boomtown in those years as the railroad brought construction workers and commerce to the community. The 12-bed wooden frame building was built by Dr. Sam Webb of Albany and Dr. M.E. Lott of Navasota.

Until 1924, the year the Hendrick Hospital was built, the Stamford Sanitarium was the only hospital in the area. The hospital had 17 doctors and housed patients for doctors from Avoca, Lueders, Sagerton, and Old Glory.

In 1922 when the hospital was remodeled, the original frame structure was torn down and the improved hospital sported brick. Additionally, a 15-bed wing was built in 1929.

In 1962 a non-profit board of Stamford Hospital District was formed having been selected by local doctors to take over operations. The board of directors consisted of J.F. West, F.E. Upshaw, A.C. Humphrey, Sam Baize, A.J. Mills, A.M.G. Swenson, and W.T. Stovall.

In 1965 the leadership of the then not-for-profit hospital brought the organization into the local governmental structure by forming the Stamford Hospital District which came into being officially on May 5, 1965. This allowed the hospital broad-based support from the citizens of the region in order to undergird the need to provide medical care to all citizens regardless of the ability to pay. The current facility was finished in 1969 and continues to operate under the name of Stamford Hospital District.

On January 1, 2013, the Christian not-for-profit Jones County Regional Healthcare System leased the hospital, clinic, assisted living, and other affiliated facilities and commenced operations.

As of July 10, 2018, Emergency Room and In-patient services were discontinued at Stamford Hospital District .

Our Future

Stamford Hospital District is comprised of four separate and distinct entities.

Stamford Health Clinic is conveniently located across the street from the Hospital building and provides primary care for the whole family.

Stamford Hospital District Physical Therapy offering the highest quality Physical Therapy to our patients by our distinguished and experienced Physical Therapist, Lacy Viertel.

Stamford Diagnostic Services
Offering Diagnostic Laboratory Testing, X-ray, Ultrasound.

Country Elegance Assisted Living The area's premier Assisted Living Facility for those who are uncomfortable living alone, or who need some day-to-day assistance but are not candidates for a residential care facility like a nursing home.

At STAMFORD HOSPITAL DISTRICT It is our mission to Provide Outstanding Healthcare for all your Healthcare needs.