Laboratory Services

At the Stamford Health Clinic, we are able to perform some CLIA waived tests at the time of your visit. We can also draw blood for labs that your provider has ordered. We will then send the blood to a reference lab for testing and have the results back in a few days, usually 2-5 days, depending on the tests ordered. You may also bring outside provider's lab orders in to be drawn.

When coming in to have outside lab orders drawn, please come in before 4:00pm Monday thru Thursday and before 12:00 on Fridays.

We also offer self-pay pricing on labs if you do not have insurance. The total amount is due at the time of service. These prices are significantly less than if the reference lab were to bill you. You can call ahead to find out the cost of the labs you are needing to have done.

What does my doctor mean when they tell me to "fast" before getting my blood test done?

Some blood tests are most accurate when you have not eaten any food or had anything to drink except WATER before we draw your blood. Normally, you should not eat after you have finished your evening meal and schedule your test early the next morning. If you are taking medications that require food, please ask your doctor before you skip a dose.