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Laboratory Services

Our laboratory is staffed by highly trained certified professional Medical Laboratory Scientists. Testing is available Monday thru Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. We offer an extensive menu of testing, what we do not have the equipment to perform in-house will be sent to a reference lab for completion.

We have the highest standards of quality and customer service please do not hesitate to call 325-773-4760 for more information or to find out how you can complete the testing ordered by your physician at Stamford Family Health Center Laboratory!

Areas of Laboratory Specialty include




Drugs Of Abuse (DOA) Testing

What does my doctor mean when they tell me to "fast" before getting my blood test done?

Some blood tests are most accurate when you have not eaten any food or had anything to drink except WATER before we draw your blood. Normally, you should not eat after you have finished your evening meal and schedule your test early the next morning. If you are taking medications that require food, please ask your doctor before you skip a dose.

I am having a procedure at Stamford Memorial Hospital and I need testing done. Who do I see for testing?

If this is a planned procedure, you would need to see one of our admission clerks and let them know you need to pre-admit for a procedure. Once the pre-admission is completed, you would take the admission form with your test orders, and be directed to the department(s) you need to see. If you need a blood test, our phlebotomist (blood drawer) will obtain a blood sample and direct you to any other department if other tests are needed. Pre-procedure testing is usually done to help your physician determine if you are healthy enough to have the procedure. Testing your blood and urine will tell them your current health status. Other tests such as, chest x-rays, or EKG (electrocardiograms) may be necessary to check your lungs and heart

I had a lab test and I want my results. Who do I talk to?

You can talk to one of our Lab staff when you have your blood test drawn and let us know you want your blood test results or you may call your physician. At the physicians request we will fax the results to your physician or specialist.