Financial Assistance

    Financial Assistance Policy

    Income based discount - SMH offers financial assistance to our patients who have difficulty paying for medical services. This assistance is on a sliding scale based on household income. A family of four with a monthly household income of less than $4,594 may qualify for this assistance program at some level. This program is available to both insured and uninsured.

    Q: What should I expect on my first visit?

    A: At SMH, you should expect high-quality service in a friendly setting. On your first visit, you will be asked questions regarding your general financial situation and your healthcare needs. The information you share is confidential, and the Business Office staff person will be sensitive and respectful to your situation.

    Q: What if I do not have health insurance and cannot afford to pay for my hospital visit?

    A: You could be elgible for one of many financial assistance programs. By completing the Financial Assistance application, you are taking the first step toward healthcare coverage.

    Q: How much paper work is involved with financial assistance?

    A: There is some paperwork involved with financial assistance, but the Business Office staff are there to help you complete the forms, answer questions, and get the results you need in a timely manner. Some programs make it difficult to apply for assistance, but the Business office staff at Stamford Memorial Hospital (SMH) will help you cut through the red tape and support you and your family.

    Q: How do you determine if I qualify for assistance?

    A: SMH uses government guidelines, adjusted by family size, to establish your eligibility. Based on household income, you could be eligible for the following programs:

    Social Security/Disability
    County Indigent

    Uninsured discount- Uninsured patients who are determined to be financially charitable receive an automatic 35% discount. If you are able to pay in full, at the time of service, there is an automatic 20% discount that is not based on financial need.

    Q: A member of my family died and was not covered by health insurance. Is there help for paying for medical expenses?

    A: We encourage family members to contact a Business Office staff person as soon as possible to determine what programs may be available.

    The current brochure, including the required Financial Assessment Form, is available for download using the link below. Please return your completed form by mail or fax.

    Click here to download Financial Assistance Form

    Mail to:
    Stamford Memorial Hospital
    Attn: Business Office
    1601 Columbia Street
    Stamford, Texas 79553

    Fax to:
    (325) 773-3781

    To apply for Care Credit, click here.